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Rapid Realty: Mastering the Art of Franchising At Its Best

The New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ)  has named Rapid Realty, one of the fastest growing real estate firms in New York, its company of the month. The honor came on the heels of our  company’s recent FLO (Franchise Leaders Only) weekend.

FLO was a company-wide event that, NYREJ describes as “… an intensive three-day training and team building conference, an opportunity to introduce new initiatives and set new goals,” as well as “a celebration of Rapid Realty’s incredible growth over the last few years”.

That growth has included over 50 offices under the franchise umbrella including one slated to open in Boston, as well as a number of partnerships with firms like BHG (a New York based cleaning service), Carpingo (New York City based carshare) and Suite Protector (specializing in apartment insurance). These partnerships were established to round out Rapid’s services and make us a one-stop-shop for real estate services.

The NYREJ recognition comes as we seek  to expand to other territories across the country and are currently scouting locations as far as the West coast. With over 500 agents covering the New York tri-state area, outward expansion is  inevitable.

We credit our expansion in no small part to the relatively low cost for franchisees to open their own shops. As far as the franchise model goes, Rapid Realty costs roughly a fifth of what it would cost to open a popular food franchise. In addition, they are much easier and cheaper to operate since there is no on-site inventory to purchase, track or maintain.

In the end, I think I described it best when I said,”One of the great things about Rapid Realty is that there’s so much training and so much support from the moment you join that you can come in with no prior real estate experience and be running your own Rapid franchise in less than a year. We’ve made it so easy to get involved to whatever degree you want, whether you’re looking for part time work, a steady job or a life long career.


Master A Lane Or Command The Highway

Working as a Rapid Realty agent is easier than you think. Since Rapid Realty is constantly growing and expanding, with new offices opening all the time, we are also always hiring.

Once you have interviewed with a Rapid Realty franchise, there are some amazing benefits that come along with becoming an agent. First, we will sponsor you as an agent. Next, we will pay for you to go to your 75 hr. licensing course. These courses are available to agents at almost all hours of the day, and are flexible with weekend and evening classes offered in addition to 9am – 5pm.

Rapid has a strong commitment to professional growth. Not only does we company pay the agents way through the required real estate education program in preparation for the state certification exam, but we also offer continuing education for every agent, broker and franchise owner. We  utilizes our  top performers in listing, selling and closing to conduct workshops for training around best practices and tips.

Get Started At Rapid Realty

We at Rapid Realty, not only want our agents to be successful, but we understand the Rapid family benefits from the agents success. Often an agent can start as a showing agent, or someone who shows apartments. This is a great way to learn more about the inventory and begin to really understand neighborhoods and clients.

Once you master your showing skills, there are other lanes to begin to master, like listing and closing. The best part about specializing in one of these lanes is that each gets a varied percentage of the final deal. So, you don’t need to know how to do everything in order to get your first check.

Real Estate can be the career between careers or a lifetime commitment. Since the work is commission-based, you are in charge of how it fits into your life, whether it’s a part-time gig or a full-time career. Often, some of my best performing agents will go on  to own franchisees, as well as franchise owners who have limited real estate background.

Think about it if you live in New York City, you probably know someone who needs an apartment right now! For more information visit Rapid Realty.


How To Become A Real Estate Agent In NYC

Real estate has become one of the most lucrative businesses across the nation. With the economy coming back up slowly, more and more people are realizing how much money can be made in this industry and I couldn’t be happier to have people hop on board to begin their career in real estate.

At Rapid Realty, we’re always looking for new talent, we offer equal opportunity to anyone who walks through our doors, whether you have any experience in real estate or not. Getting your real estate license in New York City is fairly inexpensive especially if you consider how much money you can make after you start closing deals, the amount of money you put towards educating yourself in the field is pretty reasonable.

According to, a real estate agent in New York City makes an average of $99,000 a year (as of June 13th, 2013). If you like that number, now is as good a time as any to get started. The first step to take is to get your NYC real estate license. I recommends the following two schools.

Express Real Estate School

As the owner of Express Real Estate School, I highly recommend this course because it’s thorough, convenient and cheap!! We’re located in Brooklyn, New York and make it easy for you to start and finish the course in a matter of 10 days if you attend day classes or 21 days if you attend night classes. Agent or Salesperson courses are priced at $340 and Broker’s courses are priced at $350. You can check out real estate companies that are hiring by clicking on the “Who’s Hiring” tab on the website:

New York Real Estate Institute

We’ve recently partnered with New York City’s largest real estate school, New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI). They offer flexible schedules, online classes and financial assistance like Paypal’s Bill Me Later program. If you’re not convinced about their program by looking at their website,, check out what Donald Trump Jr. or Ivanka Trump have to say about their program:

“NYREI has experienced instructors, interesting courses, and boasts over 50,000 graduates. Why would I go anywhere else?” ~ Donald Trump Jr.

“Of all the schools for my continuing Real Estate education, I chose NYREI and I recommend it to all my colleagues.”  ~ Ivanka Trump

After graduating real estate school with a certificate, the next step is to take your real estate exam. Check the state’s website for more information about exam centers and dates, After passing the exam, you will be a Licensed Real Estate Agent (or Broker) with the state of New York!

As a licensed agent, you can then begin working for Rapid Realty, even if it’s your first real estate job. But if you decide to continue your education and become a broker, you then have the option of coming into Rapid Realty as a Rapid franchise owner. If you so choose to open a Rapid Realty franchise, I guarantee my help and the help of the other franchise owners, every step of the way.